Yogasandhan is the director of Yogic Studies and Teacher Training for the Academy of Yoga Science Australasia and is a full time resident and teacher at Mangrove Yoga.

Her introduction to yoga came in her early twenties while travelling in Europe and India. With bhakti yoga, then hatha yoga, it was through her connection to Satyananda Yoga that the whole picture came together, combining many paths of yoga into one rich and fascinating exploration of the mind and prana.

Twelve year’s of ashram living has giving her a strong appreciation of both the practical and esoteric dimensions of yoga, and the importance of both in developing a yoga sadhana that is true to the purpose of yoga.

Yogasandhan is well known for her subtle use of language that unlocks deeper layers of awareness, understanding and intuition.

Mangrove Yoga


High Tide Room - Yoga Asana

Serene Vitality – Reaching Stillness Through Movement