Vikki Cleary

Vikki Cleary

Vikki’s love of yoga began with her first class back in 2008. She admits she was looking for something, anything to help her through a job she was very unhappy in, but found way more than she bargained for!

She believes in making yoga accessible to everyone and uses her joyful, flamboyant and often humorous nature to do just that. Vikki’s classes are based on the Hatha style with a gentle touch of flow – building balance between mind, body and breath ….and maybe just a little OM!

A graduate of the highly respected year long course (420 hrs) Qi Yoga Teaching Diploma, Vikki emphasises feeling, breathing and focus rather than “ perfection” and her students are encouraged to work at their own pace and listen to their bodies for a safe enjoyable practice.

Vikki is currently studying Yoga Therapy at Adore Yoga with teachers Nikola Ellis , Joan Miller and Rosie Caunt. She believes there are “no barriers” and hopes to bring her previous experience with music and yoga to bring joy, love and peace to people who are in need.
Vikki Cleary 420hrs Dip.Yoga

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