Enza De Luca

Enza De Luca

Enza, or Hartej, was introduced to yoga by her father who has been practicing yoga for 35 years and is a living testament to it’s benefits. She finally took his advice to try yoga 20 years ago and after practicing Hatha Yoga for many years she discovered the technology of Kundalini Yoga and Meditation ‘as taught by Yogi Bhajan’.

She has now been teaching classes, workshops and retreats for over 9 years.  Enza moved to the Eastern Suburbs in 2012 and helped found the Kundalini Yoga Collective at Newtown, a not-for-profit yoga teachers collective in 2013 of which she is still an active member.

She also mentors in their Kundalini Yoga Teacher Training. She is passionate about sharing the benefits of yoga with others and her yoga and meditation journey inspired her to write her first book Blissful Mind, Blissful Body in which she guides readers to practical ways they can incorporate the ancient wisdom of yoga and meditation into their lives and harness the power of the law of attraction and positive thinking to create a body that is healthier and happier.

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