Mark Bond

Mark Bond

Mark Bond was a commercial photographer in the UK until a few years ago.

His first experience of yoga was at Bondi Icebergs about a month after he moved over here. He was always put off practicing yoga in the UK as he thought it was a predominantly female activity.

After 6 months exploring different forms of yoga, an Ashtanga course and  time on a retreat in Thailand, Mark walked into a  Bikram studio about 2 years ago and practised that exclusively for about a year. He now mixes it up between vinyasa flow and Bikram.

Alongside his busy portrait studio business and the commercial and editorial photography, Mark ended up positioning myself as a bit of a “yoga photographer”!

Mark Bond has both yoga schools and teachers as clients, as well as doing work with the Yoga Foundation in Sydney and, of course, United Nations World Yoga Day!
For the record Mark doesn’t actually wear tights normally , but his Bikram shorts are a tad small, and not for the faint hearted.

Mark Bond Photography
Mark Bond