Janine Grant

Janine Grant

As a young child, Janine was diagnosed with ADHD and attended a remedial school for a learning disability. Despite her environment and challenging circumstances, she did not allow it to define her, this only motivated her to never give up and remain positive against all odds. Janine’s dream is to make a difference and have a positive impact on other’s lives and where better to start than our youth.

Janine wants all children to be able to believe in themselves, to know that they have the courage to do anything their hearts desire. They must be proud of how special they are and use their unique gifts to the best of their ability. Janine has always had a deep and organic connection with children, equipped with a caring, loving nature filled with enthusiasm, positivity and passion. Janine is an enthusiastic child in an adult body.

Love and compassion is what the world needs more of. Janine believes her passion for children and teaching them through the art of yoga will truly path the way for their future. It will help in still their core value foundations, give them confidence and the belief system they need to take on the world. Why not teach the youth of today to feel more, to accept, to connect, to believe, to grow together and ultimately love ourselves and those around us.

200HR Vinyasa flow, Kids Yoga Therapy Foundation, Kids Yoga Therapy, Kids Yoga Therapy Advanced, L.O.V.E food, Kids Master Therapy course with Zenergy Kids YogaAnd Janine is about to complete Kids Special Needs Yoga Therapy and Applied Behaviour Analysis therapist course. With her innate passion to empower children, Janine hopes to pave a path of positivity, hope and love for our future generations.

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