Lars Skalman

Lars Skalman

Lars initially qualified as a Ki yoga teacher and later undertook Hatha training with Mat Bergan from Dancing Warrior. He draws on both styles of practice in order to tailor classes to students’ needs, the time of day, and the seasons. He believes this approach encourages those involved to engage more fully with their environment as well as their physical and emotional state of being so as to find a more balanced relationship with world and self.

Ki yoga is a Japanese form of yoga. The primary form of Japanese yoga is that based on Oki-do ; a seasonally-based yoga based on Yin-yang Go-Gyo or the Five Element Cycle. Japanese Yoga changes with the season. It is a unique blend of traditional Indian Hatha Yoga with Zen meditation, dancing, physical games and martial arts aimed at strengthening bodies and minds to bring practitioners to the mind of ‘Hoshi’ or the devotional mind service to all living beings.

Lars Skalman
Seasonal Yoga Treats
Seasonal Treats


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