Kimi Halapio

Kimi Halapio

Wiradjuri Woman -Policy Analyst NSW Kids andFamilies

Born in the Central West of NSW Kimi’s became a teenage mother at 17yrs which was not very common in those days. After raring her 4 children into teenage she chose a new beginning. Kimi has worked in the areas of Aboriginal Legal Service, Family Violence Prevention Legal Service, Juvenile Justice and as a motivational speaker in Sydney and nationally. As a previous victim Kimi speak on her firsthand experience of Domestic Violence, Drugs and Alcohol and positive choices.

She has worked with many Youth Groups and Youths at Risk both in custody and in the community to make a positive impact on the young when they make their own choices in life.

Since 2013 Kimi has been employed as a Policy Analyst at Office of Kids and Families in the Youth Health and Wellbeing Team. Kimi has been engaging with Aboriginal Youth in metropolitan and regional areas of NSW and have developed a video resource designed to build the confidence of young people to engage with health services and take charge of their health choices.