Jemma Freer

Jemma Freer

Jem has been practising yoga for 8 years and teaching for 5 years.

Her yoga journey began in her hometown in Yorkshire, England. She turned to yoga after many years of dancing and much needed stress relief of being a full time high school teacher. She instantly fell in love with the healthy challenge that yoga brings to enrich the physical body, mind and soul. From her regular practice Jem was inspired and wanted to share the wonderful effects and endless benefits of yoga with those around her  and so completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training.

After moving to Sydney, she continued to study and is also a qualified Kids’ Yoga Teacher and Kids’ Yoga Therapy Teacher. Being a full time dance and PDHPE teacher for K-6 Jem recognises the value of yoga for children and the positive impact it has on each and every child physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. She is a fun, creative and inspirational teacher who connects to her students through her passion and love for yoga.

When teaching adults she teaches a combination of Vinyasa, Ashtanga and Hatha Yoga, finding the perfect balance of the warming dynamic flow & calming postures to improve flexibility, alignment and core strength.

Jem looks forward to seeing you on the mat to share the incredible gift and journey of yoga with you.

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