Gumaroy Newman

Gumaroy Newman

Gumaroy Newman is a proud Aboriginal man descending from the Gamilaroi and Wakka Wakka nations.

He is a Indigenous Cultural Story Teller, Presenter, Educator, Entertainer, MC, Traditional Song Man, Yidaki (Didgeridoo) Master and a Award-Winning Poet.Gumaroy is an engaging and articulate Entertainer and Presenter.

He has performed in over 40 countries and at large festivals such as Glastonbury (U.K.) and Edinburgh (Scotland).

Gumaroy has worked with renowned artists such as John Williamson, celebrity producer/singer Pit Bull, Doug Parkinson, and U.S. producers/singers Naughty By Nature.His talent, passion, and capacity to engage, entertain and mesmerise audiences is inspirational, magical and-inspiring.

Gumaroy was the lead Aboriginal Cultural presenter at The Australian Museum’s weekly Cultural Shows held on every Wednesday’s in 2012.He proved to be a hit with all ages connecting with children and adults and people from all cultures and backgrounds.He has also had his thematically relevant spoken word poetry recited on ABC radio, various festivals, and was three times finalist at Tamworth Country Music Festival.

Gumaroy was well received at the Benevolent Society’s “Mana Gamarada” 200th Birthday celebratory staff event, as part the Benevolent Society’s five Pillars Message Stick handover ceremony incorporating five local Aboriginal Elders.


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