Greer Adams

Greer Adams

Greer Adams is inspired to teach children’s yoga because she knows first-hand that it can help a child develop resilience and functional coping skills that equip them for life! Greer believes yoga is one of the greatest avenues that can assist children and young adults to realise their potential and to sincerely understand that who they are as unique individuals is just AWESOME!
Greer started yoga at the age of 12 to assist with her management of severe stress and anxiety and acknowledges it was one of the greatest opportunities her Mum could have given her. After 15 years of practice, Greer completed her Yoga Teacher Training and then further training in yoga therapy and children’s yoga with Zenergy.

Greer is passionate, energetic and fun! Most of all, she is dedicated to increasing the happiness levels of as many children as possible and assisting her students to feel more grounded in themselves.

Greer is the creator of ‘Mind Matters Yoga’ that offers yoga and mindfulness programs in secondary schools around Sydney. A dedicated student of vinyasa and hatha yoga, Greer is inspired by her teacher’s Adam Whiting, Noelle Connelly, Octavio Salvado, Karina Guthrie and Loraine Rushton.

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