Eve White and Brenda Boeder

Eve White and Brenda Boeder

Eve E White, mother of 3 light beings, dancer, yoga teacher, swim instructor, and mermaid. She specialises in kids yoga, mum n bubs/post natal, prenatal; using chi gong and Hatha yoga to create a tri-fold healing affect in the body. She is passionate about healing the body with food, ancient remedies and by harnessing the universal energy.

Eve grew up unaware of her indigenous roots on both sides of her family. After birthing 3 children and studying the ancient philosophies of yoga and chi gong she realised how important It was to embrace all facets of her own culture, to pass this on to her children. Eve teaches yoga at Dharma Shala, Anahata yoga space and My Asana. Eve also teaches swimming and mermaiding at the new Speedo pool in Golds Gym.

It is Brenda’s hope to revive an innate wisdom in each of us so that we may all return to our natural state of health, and consequently bring health and peace to all of humanity. Brenda is mother of 3 beautiful children, committed to living a conscious and intentional life. She is a passionate advocate of natural healing, especially food as medicine. She incorporates her study of Psychology, holistic nutrition, Yoga, TCM, and various Mystery Schools as a writer, speaker, and educator. She is an internationally accredited 275+ hr QiYoga Teacher and Cosmic Kids practitioner.

Brenda teaches both adult, prenatal, and children’s classes at Dharma Shala Yoga School in Bondi and Anahata Yoga Space in Maroubra.Teaching kids yoga at Dharma Shala in 2015 inspired Eve and Brenda to create a program where all cultures are embraced and celebrated. They saw a real need for children to gather and play in a safe non-competitive, stress free, environment that honours individuality, free thinking, and cooperation. This as a balance to living in a goal driven, fast paced, want it all now, kind of society predominant in metropolitan areas of the Western World. These ideas were the catalyst for Dharma Dreaming. They believe the children hold the keys to unlock the future, and by creating the Space or Shala in which each child can open up to themselves, and where their ancestors came from is a great honour. Dharma Dreaming Classes are held at Dharma Shala wednesdays’ July 20- Sept 21.

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