Duncan Peak

Duncan Peak

Passionate yogi, soul surfer & amp; spiritual warrior.

Duncan Peak is an original pioneer of contemporary yoga in Australia and is the Founder, Master Facilitator & CEO of Power Living Australia Yoga (P.L.A.Y.). With 14-years of teaching experience behind him, he continues to share his modern-day yogaphilosophy with the community. He has an anatomy background in neurospinology,has completed extensive traditional yoga studies with Georg Feuerstein andpracticed Raja Yoga for nearly 20 years.

Smashing the traditional yoga stereotypes, it’s his creative vision and courageousspirit that has shaped what Power Living is today: one of Australia’s largest and mostsuccessful yoga communities; eight studios spanning Sydney, Melbourne and Perth;12,000 students frequenting the studios each week; a world-class 200-500hr teachertraining program which has over 1,000 graduates globally. He is author of ModernYoga, creator of multiple yoga DVDs/CDs and launched Australia’s first virtual yogaplatform, Power Living Online Yoga.

Duncan’s classes will take you on a powerful and transformational journey. His teachings blend pre and post classical yoga philosophies with traditional Hatha, Contemporary Vinyasa & Yin Yoga methodologies, influencing their evolution inAustralia and New Zealand.

Duncan has headlined at Wanderlust Festivals in New Zealand and Australia, supported Michael Franti with his Soulshine Tour at Bluesfest Byron Bay, worked closely with chef Pete Evans and has spoken at Nike events.

Today, Duncan owns Power Living with seven other rock stars. Together and with anamazing team they run an authentic, modern and visionary business that touches and transforms the lives thousands of people each week.

Duncan Peak Instagram:  @yogidunx
Power Living Instagram:  @powerliving
Power Living Facebook:  www.facebook.com/powerlivingaustralia
Duncan Peak Video Bio:  youtube.com/watch?v=tN0OKmXHuro
Power Living Studios Video:  youtube.com/watch?v=2LN9G3gdnpc

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