Cynthia Sciberras

Cynthia Sciberras

Cynthia Sciberras is a Sydney-based creative, passionate storyteller, photographer, as well as the founding editor-in-chief of YOKE®, a refreshingly independent print magazine, exploring creativity and consciousness with the aim to ignite social change.

Cynthia has practiced Ashtanga yoga for over a decade and is dedicated to living a creative and yogic life. She shoots for an array of clients in the non-profit, corporate and arts sectors. Her personal works include YOGA PORTRAITURE, and also seeks to investigate and explore themes around identity and community.

She sits on the committee of Off the Mat, into the World Australia®, a non-profit dedicated to bridging yoga and activism, harnessing the power of yoga to inspire and support sustainable activism.

YOKE® merges the worlds of creativity and yoga, waving that flag of consciousness, ultimately seeking to explore ways we can stay grounded and true to our planet, our loved ones and ourselves.

Issue #4 themed DUTY is launching August 2016.

Just what is being done out of duty nowadays that isn’t being talked about, simply because its being done quietly, without fanfare or thought for gain? Is it our duty as humans to treat each other’s spirit and wellbeing as important as the need for food and shelter? Do we see duty as a cultural responsibility or a moral obligation? What is our individual and collective focus on duty, in the humble sense – without self-congratulation and boasting? YOKE uncover points of view and wisdom from artists, religious and spiritual leaders and others

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