Christopher Tobin

Christopher Tobin

Chris is an Aboriginal man from Western Sydney who resides in the Blue Mountains. He is one of the Darug people, who are the Traditional Custodians over much of the Sydney region. Chris is employed by NSW National Parks and Wildlife service as an Aboriginal Discovery Ranger providing cultural talks and presentations to school and visitor groups to the Blue Mountains. for the past 15 years.

Chris has sat on many boards over the years and was one of seven elected representatives of his people to sit down with the State government to try to work out an Indigenous Land Use Agreement as part of the Native Title process for the Darug people.

Chris is also a practicing artist and runs an Aboriginal Art camp up in the Blue Mountains each Saturday morning for people to meet up and share art and culture around a camp fire (as the weather permits :). His passion is sharing the stories of his country and its people with those that have an interest in learning more gentle and sustainable ways to live upon on the earth.


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