Bernadette Mary McGree

Bernadette Mary McGree

Bernadette McGree is known as the laughing meditator. She helps top performers find balance in order to support their performance, maintain their health and live with integrity. An international fitness presenter since 2006 and a regular presenter at the Australian Laughter Wellness Conference, Bernadette is a best selling author and a qualified Laughter Yoga, Yoga and Mindfulness teacher.

Juggling the demands of life as a young working mother led to stress, anxiety and depression, which had a major impact on her performance. For the last 15 years she’s been using a variety of mindfulness tools, which restored her health and balance. She now specializes in providing programs using these mindfulness tools. These programs are delivered in an upbeat, interactive, encouraging and positive way, because her philosophy is that fun and authenticity in the workplace is fundamental to top performance.

“Just as high performance can lead to stress and imbalance, laughter and mindfulness bring about a clear, calm mind, which is a prerequisite for top performance.”

CEO of Laughter NSW, Founder of Sydney World Laughter Day and the successful Lindfield Laughter Club as seen on ABC’s 7:30 Report, Bernadette has trained with Laughter Yoga Founder, Dr Madan Kataria and US Master Trainer, Sebastien Gendry. She has co-facilitated Laughter Leader trainings and Advanced trainings for Laughter Yoga Australia. She is the leading Laughter Yoga Teacher in NSW and is the only trainer able to offer CPD’s in Laughter Yoga courses for Yoga Australia members.

She has worked with companies such as LEK, Westpac, CBA, Ernst & Young and BlackRock, as well as a variety of other organisations. These include education providers, non-profits, aged care centres, disability groups, charities and community groups.

She has been featured on media in Australia, US and China, including radio, blogs, newspaper and magazines.

Bernadette’s unique combination of mindfulness, laughter and movement, along with her background in science, imbue her sessions with the skills required for independent mastery.

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