Discover the many benefits of Yoga and join the world wide celebrations for United Nations World Yoga Day at Bondi Beach and Bondi Pavilion.

The day will start with an Aboriginal Welcome to Country and Ceremony followed by a free community Sunrise Yoga class, where you are invited to join a free yoga class on the iconic sands of Bondi Beach as the sun rises over the ocean.

Head to the Bondi Pavilion afterwards for the full day event featuring a variety of Yoga Classes, Meditation, Panel Talks, Acro Yoga, Cultural Music and Dance, as well as family friendly Kids’ Yoga and Activities. Explore the Colourful Marketplace where you can browse yoga related products, get a bite to eat and enjoy the relaxed atmosphere and friendly vibe.

As the day concludes head back to the beach for the Bondi Winter Magic Spiral, a beautiful interactive celebration of the shortest day of the year. Both beach events are free and tickets for the Bondi Pavilion classes and talks are available through the website for $30 for the full day.
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Plus don’t forget to join our free lunchtime event at the Sydney Opera House on the official worldwide day of celebration on Tuesday June 21 from 12:00pm – 02:00pm featuring a community Yoga Class, Kirtan Music, Indian Dancing, and UNAA Peace Program releasing White Doves.

Sunrise Yoga | Free Community Event

Get up early and have an unforgetable start to the day! Gather with hundreds of others for a free yoga class on the iconic sands of Bondi Beach as the sun rises over the ocean.

The day starts with a profound Aboriginal Welcome to Country  and Smoking Ceremony provided by Uncle Greg Simms and Gumaroy Newman. Yoga and Aboriginal Culture have rich and fruitful connections. The inspired world famous yoga master Ana Forrest will team up with director of Descendance Jose Calarco, supported by Turtle on didgeridoo, to teach a free community Sunrise Yoga Class against the breathtaking backdrop of the seaside dawn.

There will be a Gold Coin donation to our partner charity  First Hand Solutions Aboriginal Corporation, the organisation behind Blak Market, to support the rational, ethical, hands-on solutions they bring to issues faced by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples.

Winter Magic Peace Spiral | Free Community Event

As dusk falls on Bondi Beach, and the festival comes to a close, honour the Winter Solstice at United Nations World Yoga Day.

With the setting sun descending over the horizon and the beautiful music performed by Carmella Baynie, we invite you to join us in walking the spiral.

Participants spiral inward with an unlit candle, drawing light from the centre flame and spiral outward again as part of a ritual ritual which acknowledges the inner light within all of us to set the intention to bring peace to world.

Everyone is invited so bring your friends and join us for a magic finish to this day of celebration!

Bondi Beach Sunrise Yoga Bondi Beach | Free Community Event

Custodianship and Karmic Duty

What might we learn by practising full focus and full presence in this country and with its traditional custodians and all they have to teach?

“Law tells us if you are born of this land, you are of this land you have a responsibility to it.”

Tjanara Goreng-Goreng

For at least 60,000 years and more likely since the beginning of humanity, Aboriginal people have been Caring for Country. Deep interconnection with this land comes from an ability to listen, to learn , to receive and  to give back.

This year Yoga Australia, Off the Mat, Into the World and International Yoga Teachers Association are all embarked on the epic journey of real reconciliation.  Come with us.

Pain is Inevitable , Suffering is Optional

Can humanity pull the pieces of this puzzle together and move forward as one?

Frustration, pain, lamentation, affliction, anxiety, anguish, misery, woe, stress, burden , unease, ennui, struggle.

How can we move through these states as they arise, with grace and understanding and arrive fully present and available for our lives?

Yoga provides some answers to this question as individually and collectively we strive to rise above the human condition and  move towards a better day.

Self Respect

Have we lost it?

Violence is a destructive natural force. Whether we are the perpetrators or recipients of violence, our self respect is eroded by our inability to move away.

Yoga promotes the continual movement towards our higher selves ,  the true Self, the part of us from which we can draw strength ,be proud, find safe ground.

Each moment on this planet is a moment of choice, what’s yours? Come and listen to experts explore how to get there.

Men in Tights

The rise of yoga dudes and what is broga?

Men have practiced yoga for centuries in India, however it has only recently mainstreamed in the west and more and more Australian men are giving it a go.

 Yoga for men has become a form of machismo and more blokes see it as an integral part of any serious cross training.

How many handstand pops will it take for the more internal aspects of yoga to also be accepted as something of value to the Australian male?

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Winter Magic Peace Spiral Bondi Beach |Free Community Event